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Sunday, June 29, 2008


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Finally uploaded a new one.

Be rest assured, people,
that going to prison does indeed suck.

Also, there are some people
whom I seem to have pissed
To them I offer this...

Fuck you and those like you.

I hope every single one
of you contracts a deadly disease that causes
you to die of suffocation after
it sticks your heads up your assholes.

Fuck you all.
Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

You?.. Against the whole world?..
May the whole world be against you..
But looks who's leaning!?
& yeah.. May prison make you some good..

Crack Addict said...

Anonymous is
back with yet another comment.

Taking a break
from sucking daddy's
cock, I see.

I'd be insulted,
if you were actually
someone with,
you know, brains.

Oh hey, so
I deserve to be locked
up like an animal
You're not happy with
what I'm saying?

Ah yes.
Makes perfect sense

Guess your parents
brought you up solely
for the purpose of
sucking daddy's cock
and making stupid anonymous
comments on blogs.

One more thing.
Fuck you.

Ryan. said...

Welcome back.
Fuck you, anonymous.

BrainDeadGenius said...

Well.. I kinda wanted to start off by saying, "Fuck you Anonymous.."
But I thought to myself.. Lets be nice for today..

Mann.. Seriously Anonymous.. You're definitely a strong contender for the award, "Dumbass of the year"..

Jeebus.. Did you ever attend school? What a stupid(not as stupid as you, of course)question.. Of course you didn't..

It's okay.. You see.. My dog.. She didn't either..

There! It's good you're not alone in that department..

But don't get me wrong.. My dog clearly is smarter.. Because at least my dog knows its suppose to shit in the toilet(unlike you of course)..

Ryan. said...

Your dog shits in the toilet?

BrainDeadGenius said...

Yes.. Yes.. Indeed it does.. In fact, it even eats at the dining table..... With normal eating utensils, of course.. It is very well mannered..