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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Fat Lady Isn't Here Yet

Ah yes.
I'm back, baby.

Well ok,
I'm only out on bail but still...

Anyway, the comic(s)
will be up later tonight.

You gotta love Singapore.
Developed country.
Third-world prison system.

Let's just say that the animals in the zoo have it better.

And to top it off...
they didn't serve cupcakes!

I mean, what the hell??

Oh hey, I had
a meeting with my bosses
from HQ recently and yeah,
it turned out that the ICT
had indeed stabbed me in the back.

I mean, even with all the rubbish that
it ('she' is too good a term for such a filthy creature) was pulling
back then, I didn't mention
anything because well, it did have offspring to look after.

Speaking of which,
I think it should be made illegal for
fucking idiots and jackasses to reproduce.

It would solve a LOT of the world's problems.

Oh and in case the Administrative Manager
is reading this...
your daughter IS a racist.
And it's not her fault.

She's only FOUR.
She isn't even in nursery yet.

And you still had the nerve to go "ohh.. I didn't teach her that".

Oh that's right,
because she gets visits from the KKK
who taught her to hate Indians.

GOD I hate stupid assholes.

Fuck you all.
Have a nice day!


Anonymous said...

despite all odds, you've missed to blame an individual for all that had happened...

unfortunately, the unfortunate..

Dexter Chiang Jia Rong said...

hi do come my blog!!! dun mind i made a video for you dun be angry.

err over here before you see my blog i will like to say sorry to you first if you feel angry cause i do that video is jus for fun no offence..... anything sms me

Crack Addict said...

To anonymous,
fuck you.

I fucking hate stupid
motherfuckers who are
too afraid to reveal themselves
and still want to take
the high ground.

Oh hey, in case
you're defending
that filthy, disgusting
perhaps you'd like to get
to know the details first...
which I'd be glad
to provide after sticking
this spiky dildo up
your fat ass.

Also, learn about
proper grammar usage,

To Dexter...
hey yeah,
cool video.

Ryan. said...

Welcome back.

Crack Addict said...


it's good to be back.
Even if it is just
for the time being.

Anonymous said...

oooo.. nice to know that you'd noticed of my grammar errors.. but i guess you didn't noticed your errors..

Crack Addict said...

what the fuck?

Even more grammatical

go and suck your
daddy's cock
you cowardly piece of shit.

tell me, where do assholes
like this (no offence to actual
assholes, of course)
come from?

Is there
some hidden land
far away from
which assholes originate?