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Friday, April 4, 2008

He Has Hair

Has Hair

Well, at least he has hair.

p.s. I know that this is a fucked up comic

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Anyway, 2 of my colleagues
recently found out about 2 permanent injuries of mine.

Being geniuses,
they kept repeating "but you're so young!"
and "you shouldn't be lifting weights!"

Holy shit really??
I never knew there was an age requirement
for major injuries!

Guess I missed the memo
before I got hospitalised. Twice.
How stupid of me!

And I shouldn't be lifting weights?
Not even to strengthen myself
to prevent aggravation to the current

I never knew that!
Neither did my physiotherapist (who was smokin' hot, by the way).

THANK GOD for these enlightened people!!

Now please excuse me
while I bang my bald head against the wall.


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