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Wednesday, April 2, 2008



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Don't you just hate
how easy it is to slip into depression?

As some of you
may have noticed,
I've begun posting
on weekdays as well.

Now now, don't be worried, children.
I'll still be posting on

I just post whatever shit
I feel like posting on other days.

Oh, and in case
some of you are wondering (you know who you are)...
I am not depressed because
of that fugly tranny, ok?

Ok cool.

Fuck you all.
Have a nice day!


Ryan Davies said...

I know the feeling.

braindeadgenius said...

Dude.. I know something that might cheer you up!! Tranny torching!! What say you?! While we're at it.. Let's fuck up those pussy boys too... I'll provide the steel pipes this time...

Laura said...

love it XD

Crack Addict said...


for someone who's brain-dead...
you're brilliant!
ryan, you should join in!

@laura: thanks...!

Ryan Davies said...

Yeah I'm not too sure what Laura's comment is supposed to mean either. Also I'm all for the tranny torching.

Laura said...

my comment was about the comic..though I'm never really against the idea of messing up those types of females.

Ryan Davies said...

Then we should ALL go on this tranny torching trip.

Crack Addict said...

Indeed we should...

It'll be awesome!