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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom 2

Ah yes,
by now, you must have heard of The Forbidden Kingdom.

Or, as I'd like to call it,
American Saves Asians' Asses In Ancient China.

Here's the synopsis
courtesy of Yahoo! Movies:

"Based on the Chinese legend of the monkey king,
An American teen (OF COURSE it had to be a white American)
discovers the king's legendary stick
weapon in a pawn shop.
He is transported back in time
to ancient China, where
he joins a crew of warriors fighting to free the imprisoned king."

So it's like this.
These 2 legendary warriors:

Need the help of this asshole:

So once again,
a white guy has to come to the rescue
of the Asians.

Never mind the fact that a 5 year-old girl could
beat the shit outta this pussy...

But hey,
since they did make The Forbidden Kingdom...
I feel that it is my obligation to make a sequel.



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BrainDeadGenius said...

Dude.. You left out one important fact bout the movie..

Everybody was speaking the English language..

Anyways the comic.. Ancient USA... Thats a good one... And by the way, shouldn't everyone be speaking your language?

Crack Addict said...

Hey wait!
You're right!

Damn those people!

Looks like I gotta go back
there to kick all their asses...
for their own good.

Ryan. said...

I'm sure that kid was in Will & Grace...

(no, I'm not gay.)

Parang Boi said...

Did you watch it?