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Friday, May 9, 2008


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where to begin... oh yes... where...?

I'm a Technology Assistant (which stupid fucker thought up this title?)
in a secondary school.

What I do is help
out teachers when they have problems
with their computers (like when they forget
that computers need electricity to work).

Occasionally I'm required to help
the AVA crew when it comes to
staging events...

Ah yes.

The former TA is now the ICT executive (neither of us knows what the fuck it stands for).
Now the ICT is pretty much a Project Manager...
of course, they can't be called that.
Oh no... that would be stupid.

There's a major event coming
up next Monday.
Sports Carnival or some shit like that.

She's helping the AVA crew set up the equipment...

All I did was ask her to give
me the details (it is technically MY job)...
and she... refused.

Both she and the unofficial AVA crew leader
simply did not want to give me the details.

Thing is, if both of them
don't turn up next week,
I'm the one who's gonna have to
make sure everything goes well.

Those 2 geniuses
seemed to think they were on some kind of top-secret mission.

Ok look,
I know you both have helped me
out in the past...
but what happened?
Did you two come across 'Dickhead Pills'
and decided to finish the bottle?

What the fuck was wrong with the two of you??

Did you honestly believe
I give a shit about that event?

They were going on about
how there's no way they'd miss it.

The kid especially.

Is that right?
No way?

How about if a Pakistani guy with
a bat showed up at your place and
popped your kneecaps?
How about then, smart ass?

Oh that's right...
you got a guarantee from GOD.
My mistake.

Man don't you just love it
when people suddenly act like dicks?

Anyway fuck it.
If anything goes wrong...
and they turn to me for help...
I'm gonna help them alright...
with a baseball bat.



Parang Boi said...

I was an infocomm leader for my school once, and another friend helping me as well. Something like the unofficial AV leader you mentioned.

My friend was abit of a pain in the ass.

My last TA/AV tech (whatever its called) felt the same way you did. He was a good friend.

Luckily, our AV teacher is a great guy too.

If then didn't make you feel better , i don't know what will. =)


Ryan. said...

And people wonder why I hate people.