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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Piece of The Pie

No Sandwich

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Ah yes,
I just got a letter regarding the GST Offset Package.

What is it, you ask?

Why, I'll be more than pleased (what it says at the start of the letter)
to inform you!

The Singapore government
is actually giving out cash...
to help the public cope
with the newly-raised GST.

Now for those
of you not living on this fucked up
little island...

GST is the 'Goods and Services Tax'.

At first it was 3%.. then 5%... now 7%... in just a few years.

You know how much we're getting?

Holy shit!
Isn't that just so fucking generous of them
to give us back OUR money?

And $250??

MY GOD! We're rich!
There's no more need to worry about the tax!

Rising food and transportation costs?
Who the hell cares??

We're rich, bitches! RICH!!

And no, we're not getting $250 each month indefinitely.
Oh noOoo... just each month over the next 3 months.

I know... I know... waaay too generous of those kind-hearted
'people' in parliament.

Never mind the fact that the tax is permanent and will only get higher...
fuck that!

We're rich!!

Now it wouldn't be so bad if wages increased in tandem.

But yeah... well...

EXCEPT of course,
the ministers' pay.

Yep. That's right.
Those assholes increased their OWN pay.

And their excuse?
To curb corruption.

So lemme get this straight:

'Oh shit! I might get corrupted!
I better give myself the citizens' hard-earned money
before it happens!'

Keep in mind, folks,
that most of them are already millionaires.
And for the Lees (the fuckers who OWN this country)...

Fucking billionaires need to increase their own pay.

And yes, I wonder where the cash comes from?

There's more than one kind of corruption.

To curb corruption, eh?
It's a little too late for that.



braindeadgenius said...

I wanna say let's burn that place down... But then again.. Yeah..

Gotta remember we're dealing with morons here...

Parang Boi said...

my mum received some CPF rebate thing.

She got $3 from that rebate. It takes $2 to send a reply letter back to the CPF saying that you want that rebate.