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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brothers For Life

Brotherly love,
it's a beautiful thing.

I'm really sorry,
but this is gonna
be the only comic
I'll be uploading this week.

you'd think getting
a free alternative to
Flash would be easy...

Yeah, easy.
About as easy as
shaving an angry baboon (don't ask).

I should be able to get
my hands of Flash MX (I just love being broke, don't you?)
by next week
so... yeah, just hang in there, boys and girls.

Don't commit suicide or anything.



Cross said...

Hello Buddy,
"Flash Mx 2004 will never check activation if you enter this serial .if you want flash mx 2004 full version
How to....
Install flash mx 2004 trial ...execute it...u'll recieve a message either trial or serial ...hmmm.....enter this serial to register the product dont worry it'll never check for activation...for more security dissconnnect you internet connection while entering the serial but it is not neccessary but recommended...Enter this number FLD700 - 58406 - 63386 - 47902 ...hmmmmmm ...... it bypasses the protection..... "

There you go...

Crack Addict said...

thanks, man~!

You rock.
You totally do.

Ryan said...

I look forward to seeing the next ones anyway.