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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tired At The Office

Tired At The Office

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So last night at Orchard Rd,
I had a bout of food poisoning.

That's right.
I got poisoned.
By food!
Damn evil food.

Anyway, I
was throwing up
all over the place ...
and naturally,
nobody came over
and asked if
the Pakistani terrorist-lookalike
needed any help.

That, despite the
fact that the place was packed.

Gotta love Singaporeans!

I called an ambulance (they're like free taxis, man!).

By the time it arrived,
I was heaving for the 3rd time,
and having trouble breathing.

So you know what the paramedic
asked me?
"So ah, do you wanna go to the hospital"?


Well no,
of course not!
I just called you guys over
to have a nice little chat...
in between throwing up parts of my guts and liver.

I was hospitalized
at Singapore General Hospital
and discharged a couple of hours later.

At 1.30am.


The place is like, an hour's away from home,
and I was still feeling a little queasy.

In the end,
I took a cab home.

The end.

Shut up.


Ryan said...

Hope you feel better. Happy new year!

Parang Boi said...

That's steep...

Hope you're feeling better.

What did you eat by the way?

Crack Addict said...


yeah, I feel much better
but it'll be a
looOoong while before
I try corned beef again I tell ya!