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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Lowdown

Alright, kiddies...
it's time to enlighten you on what happened with
the pixie.

What's that?
You don't care?

Ok... well, you see...
it's MY fucking site and I'll say whatever the hell I want!

I love you all.
No, really, I do.

Now shut the fuck up.

about 2 weeks before my transfer to
a separate department,
I had tried to resign.

At the time,
I had no idea that there was ever going to be a transfer at all.

Now the main reason for my attempted resignation.
My superiors' stupidity.

Man, I am telling you...
that kind of stupidity isn't natural!

I could list a few examples,
but I'll pick the one which
pretty much made me want to punch that damn pixie in the face.

Since I handle incoming faxes and mail,
Monday workloads are pretty heavy.
After my first week,
I requested to work on Saturdays.
Her reply was something like this :

"oh, well... *shrugs* you see,
*fake smile* we don't really encourage
people to work on Saturdays..."

The answer was "no" and that was ok with me...
because I thought it was the same for everyone else.

One week later,
a new guy comes in.
He was seated opposite my desk
and pretty much scanned the faxes and documents which
I had received...

One day, just before he's about to leave,
the pixie approached him
and asked if he'd be able to work on Saturdays,
because sometimes,
they would require him to...
all this, while I was at my desk...
guess she must've thought I was deaf (or maybe she was just being
her cute, sweet self).

A few minutes later,
I walked over to her,
and asked if I'd now been given permission
to work on Saturdays.

And once again...

"oh, well... *shrugs* you see,
*fake smile* we don't really encourage
people to work on Saturdays..."

Now maybe his work is considered more important.
Doesn't matter.
How about giving me a proper explanation, eh?
I would've settled for that.

But noOoo...!

Can't use 'bitch' because it's against the law over here.

So yeah, I am not calling Sally the Pixie a fucking bitch.
No I am not.

After that pleasant episode,
I pretty much lost interest in working there.

I'd take medical leave 2-3 times
a week...
and sometimes leave after half a day.

Ok2, it wasn't just about
my losing interest...
apparently, I've got a thyroid problem
which prevents me from sleeping normally (I mean come on, it's 1.45am and here I am!)
and couple that with a bed bug infestation (what were the odds?),
I was losing a LOT of sleep...
so in the day,
I was pretty much like a zombie.

As much as I'd like to say that I skipped
work for fun (because that would make me look like a bad-ass)
(which I totally am)(stop laughing)...
I was unwell.

So on my second-last day (by now, the pixie's trademark fake smile
is totally gone),
I sent a message to the pixie by sms...
told her that I wouldn't be coming in tomorrow,
and that I'd be handing in my pass on Monday.

I figured she was
as pissed with me as I was with her...
so I ended the message telling
her that I enjoyed working there...
and that I was only being half-sarcastic.

It was a joke!
Anybody with half a fucking mind could see that!

What did the pixie (who is not a bitch)(no, not at all)
say in reply?

She pretty much called me irresponsible-
that I was a liar and lazy.

Oh hey, don't you just love having
your idiot boss call you those things?
You do?

Then fuck you!
Because I sure as hell don't!

Let's just say that my replies
weren't very nice (regrettably, I did NOT use any vulgarities)
and managed to really piss her off.

In the end, I gave a fake apology...
and she knew.

I knew that because
the next day,
I got a call from my career consultant
telling me that as it turns out,
I wasn't gonna be transferred after all...

That damn pixie had actually went through
the trouble of talking to her equally-moronic superior
and convinced her not to allow the transfer to go through.

I am unemployed.
Once again, it's cool with me...
because it is the fasting month and I prefer to be sleeping
like a bear in hibernation
during the day.

I was just pissed
about being denied the chance to work
with a girl whom I had give my number to
and, uh, who didn't call me and...
wait a minute! I got rejected by her!

This is a pretty long post.
I'll talk about Hang Ten later.

Bye now

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