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Friday, June 29, 2007

Racial Harmony, Baby

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In the Sunday Times on 1 July 2007:

This is what Foreign Minister George Yeo said
at a dialogue on race-related issues organised by Young Sikh Association :

"Removing race from the Singapore identity card (IC)
will not see the end of racial stereotypes."

Yeah, no kidding, Einstein.

To give people
an image of how wonderful
the situation in Singapore is,
here are 2 examples:

Nearly every kind of application
over here requires
people to state their IC number
and ofcourse, 'race'.

Your kid tries to get
into school.
And the first thing they ask him?
"What's your race?"

You want to
rent an apartment.
Once again,
first question?

If you're Indian or Malay,
well, good luck getting that apartment.
Unless ofcourse,
if the landlord is just like you.

In Singapore,
there's no escaping it.

And yet, according to the government,
the problem is tiny
and requires no major intervention.

Stupid or racist jackasses, you decide.

Randy Gill, a junior college teacher expressed
concern about income disparities between races.

And how did Foreign Minister George Yeo respond?

He said that it was inevitable because
some communities respond more effectively
to global opportunities.

So lemme get this straight.
What you're saying is,
certain peoples are better at progressing
than others simply because of the way they look?

George, George, George... tsk tsk tsk.

The colour of skin has nothing
to do with how a
community responds to "global opportunities".

The only reason why race
would be a factor anywhere is bigotry.

And let's see now...
since the Chinese community (the majority)
seems to be well ahead of the others,
you're saying that they are better because, why?

Oh yeah... haha silly me.
Because they are Chinese, that's why.

And guess what?
You're one of them!

Way to foster racial harmony, dickhead.

However, he urged
those who've made it to help the less privileged.

"The more we surge ahead, the more we must help
those left behind."

How about you work on eliminating
and even the playing field for us?

There are campaigns against smoking
and littering.
Hell, there's even a courtesy campaign!

Campaign against racism?
Why, ofcourse not!

I wanna smack him.
Not sure if he's racist or just plain stupid.
Either way, I wanna smack him.

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